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You’ve been dreaming of your getaway — blue skies, warm temps, calm ocean.

Then you arrive, and it pours…

Belmond, Maroma Beach, Yucatan, Cancun, Mexico beach

The Belmond at Maroma Beach


That’s what confronted me last month when I arrived in the Yucatan, Mexico, for the first time in many years, with visions of windsurfing, sailing, diving, swimming.

Arrgh!  A winter front was passing through.  What to do?   Patience and Plan B:  That’s what I recommend to my clients and had to adopt myself.

Don’t hold on to expectations.  Although your trip may be a different adventure than what you expected, it may well be no less rewarding.

Coba ruins, Yucatan, tourism

Coba Mayan Ruins, Yucatan

Patience:  Although the ocean remained a bit rough, the showers I experienced my first days quickly abated into partly sunny skies for the rest of the trip providing great weather for exploring with mild temps and welcomed cloud cover for this fair-skinned traveler.

Intercontinental El Presidente, Yucatan, Cozumel tourism, Cozumel travel

Intercontinental El Presidente, Cozumel

Plan B:  Don’t dwell over ruined expectations — move your energies to Plan B.  I went to Cozumel for 24 hours just to dive. When all diving was canceled due to weather, I had to swallow my disappointment, and create a new plan: I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, (rare for me because I’m usually on the go, even on holiday), explored the hotel and grounds admiring their undeniable beauty even in a storm, had a refreshing swim in a heated outdoor pool, and hired a taxi to explore the island for a couple of hours before catching the ferry back to Playa del Carmen.  It was interesting and fun interacting with my gregarious taxi driver, immensely proud of his island, so dramatic on this day with magnificent waves crashing on the shore and cliffs.  And, the sun came out for most of my drive.

Cozumel, mirador, tourism, Yucatan


Here are some other ideas for a Plan B when your parade gets rained on:

Hote;l Escencia, Yucatan, Yoga

Yoga at the Hotel Escencia

Exercise  — Release those endorphins indoors.  Perhpas in a gym, at a resort, or under a palapa, an early morning yoga class or other workout is a great way to get out of a rain-funk.  The rain outside, nowhere to rush to afterward, makes for a nice way to relax and enjoy the moment.

Learn Local — Keep a log of foreign words and questions about your new world.  When you have some down time such as a rainy day, look them up online or better yet, ask a local.   Or do some research on your destination.

Hotel Esencia, Riviera Maya, Yucatan tourism, spa

Spa at Hotel Esencia

Spa – What a great excuse to indulge in some pampering.  Maybe after that yoga class? Indulge a Passion — Into archictecture, behind the scenes in the kitchen, nature, local sustainability challenges and successes, art, books or…whatever it is?  Check it out during this downtime.  

Belmond maroma beach, Chac Mool, tourism riviera maya

Chac Mool at the Belmond Maroma

Museums and shopping — Rainy days are great for these activities or any other indoor activity.  Just be mindful it doesn’t involve something harmful to animals such as dolphins in captivity and of purchases.

Take a class — Cooking, arts, language.  There are many activities to undertake on a rainy day.  Get creative yourself or ask your guide or concierge.



Hotel Esencia, library, tourism Yucatan

Hotel Esencia library

Read a book – Delve into a different world.  Most hotels have some type of library to loose yourself in learning about the area’s history, culture and arts.

Beach walk — even if it’s blustery, beach or town walks can be restorative and interesting.  And who cares if you get a little wet?

Go see a movie as a cultural experience – Likely the resident cinema is worlds apart, literally and figuratively, from your movie theater back at home.  See how the locals enjoy one of the world’s most common pastimes.

If solo, take this time to connect with other travelers doing their Plan B.  It’s a great opportunity to share travel experiences and make some new friends.  With family or friends, just enjoy this together time devoid of everyday pressures.

What are some of your Plan B’s?

Mukan, Sian Ka'an, beach, Yucatan

Breakfast at Mukan, Sian Ka’an Biosphere

Susan Bruce Travel leverages a wide and deep network to connect you to your passions.                                                       Contact us now!

Diving Cuba, Maria la Gorda

Returning from diving, Maria la Gorda, Cuba

Stay tuned:  For the latest about our small group trip to Cuba March 15 – 25, 2018 to explore its arts, culture, nature and conservation, and other facets.


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